Women having sex 'to lose weight'

It seems people are buying condoms not simply for the pleasure sex brings, but also for the health benefits it offers.

New research commissioned by Aspire drinks has revealed the majority of women have got down and dirty with their partners because they hope the workout will help them lose weight.

The survey showed 76 per cent of ladies are more likely to get friendly between the sheets if they believe they will be able to shed the pounds while doing so.

However, 28 per cent of the females questioned also said they think having a good old-fashioned row with their better half will be good for their figure.

Darren Linnell, creator of Aspire - which is cranberry flavoured and lightly carbonated - said: "We are burning calories constantly as we go about our day-to-day business and it's about being aware of the small things we can do to give us an extra boost."