Women in their 40s 'need to be vigilant about contraception'

Women in their 40s need to be vigilant with regard to contraception, new research has recommended.

Despite females in this age group believing the risk of getting pregnant is low, the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal demonstrated effective contraception methods such as condoms are still required in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Entitled Contraception in Women Over 40 Years of Age, the report suggested that despite declining fertility, women in this age bracket still need to be mindful about the consequences that unprotected sex can bring.

Rebecca Allen of Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Division of Research, noted: "In addition, the benefits of birth control outweigh the risk. Even for women with risk factors, there are methods that can be safely used."

Dr Allen explained contraception should be used by women until it is assured that she has gone through the menopause.