Women 'more affected by beer goggles'

Women on a night out may be more affected by beer goggles than men, new research has suggested.

Carried out by investigators at London's Roehampton University, the study revealed alcohol can serve to cloud a girl's mind to a greater degree than a guy's.

Packing condoms on a night out might therefore prove a wise move for both males and females, as people need to be prepared should one thing lead to another.

According to the report, ladies had greater difficulty judging whether or not a face was symmetrical - a commonly-held marker of attractiveness - once they had consumed an alcoholic beverage.

Lewis Halsey, leader of the study, which is to be published in the journal Addiction, said: "What we have shown is that people's ability to detect symmetry is part of the explanation for the beer goggle effects."

He added the findings could have significant consequences, especially as many people admit to having met their partner while inebriated.