Women over 50 'still enjoying sex'

UK women over the age of 50 are still having plenty of fun in the bedroom - with some enjoying sex more than ever before.

According to a new study from lingerie brand Playtex, one in five older females are intimate with their partner at least once a week, which is the same as that recorded for girls in their 20s.

In addition, it was shown that one in four survey respondents are getting more enjoyment from their bedroom antics than at previous times in their adult life - suggesting couples should make sure they are well stocked-up on condoms regardless of their age.

Marica Carleschi, marketing manager at Playtex, said it is great to see so many females continuing to enjoy themselves despite the fact they are not as young as they once were.

Ms Carleschi stated: "The research results prove that life gets more exciting and adventurous at 50 and that women should not be defined by age any more."