Women 'prefer sex to cuddles'

It seems women may soon be purchasing as many condoms as their male counterparts, as new research has shown sex plays a significant role in a female's satisfaction within a relationship.

Investigators at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in the US - which has been attempting to advance sexual health knowledge for more than 60 years - found that while men need to cuddle to feel happy in a partnership, it is more about the intimacy for ladies.

The study - which considered more than 1,000 couples from five countries - revealed hugs and kisses are more important for guys than they are for girls.

And condoms may be increasingly used by a pair the longer they have been together, as both sexes claimed intercourse improves over time.

Julia Heiman, lead author of the report, said: "It's possible that women became more sexually satisfied over time because their expectations change or life changes when their children grow up."