Women 'reward their partners with sex'

Women will often use the promise of sex as a reward should their partner behave well.

This is according to new research from UKMedix, which revealed around 65 per cent of females have at one point or another promised to get down and dirty with their fella provided they do what they want them to, Metro reports.

Men might therefore want to stock up on condoms when doing something nice for their other half, especially as 38 per cent of women questioned have treated their lover to hanky panky for helping out around the house and 34 per cent for giving them a gift.

Thomas O'Connell of UKMedix said: "It's apparent that intimacy is somewhat of a weapon when it comes to getting your partner to do what you'd like them to."

Mr O'Connell described the findings as a real eye-opener, but added both men and women are guilty of using the promise of sex to get others to do as they bid.