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Women shouldn't be offended if they find that their new partner is continuing to masturbate, according to an expert in sexual health.

Alix Fox from sex toy makers Tenga told Cosmopolitan magazine that it can be a shock at first to find that a man is still pleasuring himself outside of any sexual activity that exists within that status as a couple.

However, she urged anyone who has ever felt their ego bruised by such a revelation to think again - because it can actually be a really positive thing for the relationship, not just the guy.

First up, she dealt with the issue of masturbation being seen as a form of competition with a firm 'it's not': "A man having autonomy over his own body and enjoying it independently does not diminish his attraction to you, nor your worth as a partner," Alix stressed in the interview.

"If your partner consistently turns you down for sexual intimacy when you crave it, yet masturbates, then it might be time for a chat about your relationship. But in most cases, if your love life's decent, a guy having a wank is no judgment on his partner."

The sexpert went on to explain that masturbation, in particular using sex toys, can help men to experiment before bringing new techniques into the bedroom in front of a partner; avoid premature ejaculation by training them to last longer; and relieve stress, all of which sound pretty beneficial to us!

A study once carried out by University of Chicago sociologists discovered that 61 per cent of men admitted to masturbating, although plenty more perhaps did so but didn't want to disclose it for the good of science.

Interestingly, the majority who did regularly engage in solo sex were in a relationship, suggesting that sex awakens an interest in more sex.

So, if this is an issue you've come across, don't get huffy. Instead, encourage your partner to explore his own body whenever the mood takes him. And if you want to be even more helpful, we've got a range of male-orientated sex toys by Tenga here.