World's thinnest condom created

Japanese scientists believe they have solved the problem of cumbersome johnnies by creating the world's thinnest condom - the Sagami Original 0.01.

It has taken Sagami Rubber industries more than ten years to conceive (ahem) the ultra-light polyurethane material used to make the rubbers.

They are said to be around a sixth of the width of a human hair at 0.01 mm thick, with the thinnest condom available in the west currently 0.06 mm.

With people clearly eager to give the new titillating technology a whirl, they are selling out in Japan.

Anybody sceptical about whether or not they actually work should be reassured that the designers say they carried out around 20,000 tests in order to ensure the condoms - which cost the equivalent of £7.30 for a pack of five - are safe.

Nevertheless, it would appear that the scientists don't want to stop there and hope to create one that is even thinner, if possible.