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For lesbian couples, becoming pregnant is nothing like as romantic as it is for heterosexual partners. Rather than passionate sex, it's just you and your partner either at the doctor's office or at home with something unpleasant like a turkey baster! Luckily, there is now an alternative option for those who don't find kitchen tools particularly sexy.

It's called the Semenette, a sex toy invented by Berman Innovations, which describes itself as a "woman-owned and operated LGBT-friendly company that is dedicated to the advancement of products designed for women". The company is owned by its president, Stephanie Berman, who created the unique sex toy herself.

So, what makes the Semenette so different from standard sex toys? Well, its unique selling point is that it comes with inner tubing and a pump system. You can probably imagine what they are for, but just in case the company's site explains that the toy helps with "re-creating intercourse and ejaculation".

That's right; this sex toy ejaculates just like the real thing! While this may seem like a novelty, it actually has a lot of use for lesbian couples who want to get pregnant and want the experience to be more romantic. Single women, transgender people and even men with disabilities can also benefit from the innovative product.

Speaking to refinery29, Ms Berman also pointed out that there are more casual applications for the toy, if that's your thing. "You can definitely get creative with this," she said. "I’ve had people use this at bachelorette parties, and they put alcohol in it!"

She added: "There are actually a lot of recipes on the Internet for homemade fake semen." According to Ms Berman, these often involve "yogurt and corn starch". If that sounds like something you'd be into, then maybe the Semenette is for you!

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