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Do you have a favourite flavour of condom? A lot of people do. You might also find you have a few that you definitely don't get along with, either because you don't like the flavour or you just don't think it mixes well with sex. Well, you might have found another flavour to add to that list thanks to US company J&D's.

The firm has announced the release of its new product: bacon condoms. That's right, you can now buy condoms that taste like your favourite meat product! This might not come as a surprise coming from J&D's, a firm with the slogan: "Everything should taste like bacon."

Among the other products on J&D's website, such as bacon lip balm and baconnaise, you can buy a pack of three bacon condoms. These come applied with J&D’s 'baconlube', described as an "ultra-premium, water-based, meat-flavored personal lubricant". No prizes for guessing what that tastes like.

Furthermore, the condom even looks like bacon! That's right, your penis can look just like a rasher of your favourite breakfast food next time you invite someone to your bedroom. This is, of course, the reason why the product's slogan is: "Make your meat look like meat."

Does this whet your sexual appetite, or have you suddenly become a vegetarian? While some people might relish the idea of bringing a more literal meaning to the term 'pork sword', others will be repelled by the idea of a bacon-flavoured condom.

You don't need to turn to something tasting of bacon if you want to bring an interesting flavoured condom into the bedroom. There are all sorts of unusual varieties you can try, from wild berry to cannabis to Irish cream. Any of these might be a more preferable option than going the whole hog and opting for a bacon condom!