X Factor boys 'eyeing Take Me Out girls'

The male contestants in this year's X Factor have been complaining of a lack of ladies to lust after.

With boys dominating the series, there are few girls for them to chase, with two being just 16 years of age and three being lesbians, the Daily Star reports.

Scott Richie of boyband Times Red, who are still in the competition as a wildcard pick, said: "We have been in the X Factor hotel for two weeks and there have been no girls apart from the researchers who we are starting to eye up."

However, the lads may get an opportunity to use their condoms yet, as they appear to have set their sights on the female stars of fellow ITV Saturday night show Take Me Out, which is presented by funnyman Paddy McGuinness.

Some of the boys have been spotted getting to grips with the ladies on a night out, with the newspaper claiming the fellas could not believe their luck when the two parties bumped into each other.