X Factor contestants 'should stock up on condoms'

Good news for the X Factor finalists - Simon Cowell has said that he can't realistically impose a ban on them getting frisky between the sheets, suggesting that they may like to buy condoms online to take advantage of his good will.

The music mogul noted that the contestants are all young guys and girls who should be going out, enjoying themselves and making noise, admitting that he's encouraging them to act their age this year and do whatever they want.

"I can't tell people when they can and can't have sex," he exclaimed.

However, the great Mr Cowell may end up regretting this new devil-may-care stance, as it was recently reported that a number of the singers caused some damage while staying at their boot camp hotel and also ended up trashing his Marbella holiday home.

But it remains to be seen whether the wannabe pop stars take him at his word - Cher Lloyd certainly seems to be giving it a go, with rumours currently circulating that she's seeing fellow contestant Aiden Grimshaw.