Young people 'need better sex education'

Young people in the UK need to receive better sexual education when it comes to relationships and condoms, it has been suggested.

Lisa Power, policy director at Terrence Higgins Trust - which is the largest HIV and sexual health charity in the UK - said her organisation is campaigning for such lessons in schools to become compulsory, claiming it is clear that youngsters are not receiving high-quality education in this regard at the moment.

The industry figure noted - under the current systems - that individuals are not taught how to insist somebody wears a condom and are not told how they can say no if they do not wish to proceed with a sexual act.

She stated: "If you look at other countries we know that good quality sex and relationships education actually delays the age at which young people choose to have sex."

This type of learning therefore has the ability to make people be more careful when deciding who they would like to have sex with.