Youngsters urged 'to carry a condom'

Young people have been warned that consuming large amounts of alcohol can increase the chances of having sex without a condom.

NHS Somerset has urged those aged under 25 to "stay in control and stay safe" this New Year's Eve, the Somerset County Gazette reports.

Andrew Wilson, health promotion manager (sexual health), said: "Young people often feel under pressure to have unprotected sex.

"We need to provide advice over the New Year because this is the time when teenage conceptions are at their highest."

He went on to remind individuals that it is also important to carry condoms in order to prevent contracting sexually transmitted infections.

In addition, youngsters were advised to pace their drinks, eat before they go out and always stay with their mates when out celebrating.

Elsewhere, the Hastings and St Leonards Observer recently reported that people celebrating New Year's Eve in Hastings will be able to pick up condoms at the Safe Space mobile unit that will be set up ahead of December 31st.