Zac Efron drops condom at premiere

It seems Zac Efron was hoping to get lucky at the premiere of his latest film, as a condom was seen to fall from his pocket at the event.

The film star - who recently appeared alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in New Year's Eve - dropped the prophylactic while walking down the red carpet at Universal Studios, Hollywood for the first screening of his new movie Dr Seuss' The Lorax.

While approaching a fan along the walkway, a condom appeared to fall from the handsome celebrity's person - suggesting the star of Disney's High School Musical was expecting a little action between the sheets after the motion picture ended.

The incident, which saw the 24-year-old pick up the product almost instantly, was caught on camera and the video has since gone viral.

Also present at the screening were the actor's co-stars in the flick Danny DeVito and musician Taylor Swift - but despite suggestions of a romance between Efron and the latter, the singer was quick to quash the rumours when she later appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.