Zambian men 'need to start buying condoms'

Not enough men in Zambia are buying condoms and using them during sex.

According to statistics from the Society for Family Health, only 54 per cent of males with non-regular sexual partners in the country wear condoms, the Lusaka Times reports.

Director of programme operations at Partnership for Integrated Social Marketing (PRISM) Charles Kalonga thinks measures need to be introduced in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

He wants to promote good sexual health practices and his organisation is keen to use social marketing in order to draw the attention of individuals.

As well as using the prophylactic, Mr Kalonga also asked men to consider circumcision as failure to use some form of protection may put people at an increased risk of catching HIV.

Mr Kalonga's comments come after it was revealed that Ethiopians are buying condoms in record numbers, with some 85 million sold in 2010.