Zimbabweans more likely to use condoms over femidoms?

Women in Zimbabwe may be more likely to use condoms as they do not like the femidom.

According to the Standard, the device is too noisy and difficult to use during sex, despite the fact it is the only option that gives females total control over their sexual health.

Patricia Chiutsi, a 43-year-old vendor from Tafara, told the paper that she tried out the prophylactic, but she did not garner any pleasure from using it.

For people who want to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, the use of it may prove very popular.

However, for those who do not want to wear a femidom, they could choose the male version of precautions.

Mary Sandasi, the Women and Aids Support Network director in the country, recently told the news provider ladies have to be encouraged to use protection.

She added female condoms are not used as much as they should be because women do not feel empowered.