Durex Play Perfect Glide Silicone Lube 50ml Pump Bottle

Product Description

Durex Play Perfect Glide is the slipperiest lube from the world's No.1 condom brand.

Perfect Glide is a silicone based lube so it is extra long lasting for the most vigorous of sex sessions. It is perfect for using in the shower or anywhere where other lubes might get washed away. Unlike water based lubes that need re-application, this silicone lube will go the distance, usually lasting 3 times longer than a water based equivalent. Durex Play Perfect Glide is perfectly safe on skin or any part of the body and with any condom.

Be aware though, silicone lubes can stain bed sheets, clothing and carpets if not washed off soon. Washing should be done in a washing machine with detergent (or with carpet cleaner and a brush if on carpet). Dabbing it with a damp cloth will not be enough! This lube should not be used with silicone sex toys as the different forms of silicone may react and damage the toy.

Additional Information

Colour Clear
Certification CE Mark
Brand Durex
Flavour Unflavoured
Base Silicone
Volume (ml) 50

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