ID Frutopia Mango Lube 100ml Bottle


Product Description

If mangoes get you dreaming of holidays in a tropical destination, why not let the ID Frutopia Mango Lube take you there.

Now you and your sex partner can both experience that wonderful feeling together. Rub the ID Frutopia Mango Lube on her body or caress his entire body with hands smothered in this deliciously smooth lubricant to get him really going. This ID Frutopia Mango Lube can be used to make love smoothly and prevent any unnecessary dry pauses. It can safely be used on all latex condoms to improve their existing lubrication or on sex toys so they glide in and out, or on and off, effortlessly. Finally, use ID Frutopia Mango Lube on your fingers when you feel naughty and would like a bit of playful lone sex. Whatever you like to do, do it with a helping hand from ID Frutopia Mango Lube and enjoy this non-sticky, non-staining lubricant to make sex even more pleasurable.

Additional Information

Colour Clear
Certification CE Mark
Brand ID
Flavour Mango
Base Water
Volume (ml) 100

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