ID Millennium Silicone Lube 2ml Sachet 100 Pack

Product Description

A big pack of 100, one-use Silicone-based ID lubricant sachets. Millennium's special ultra-long-lasting high performance lube formula is one of our best. Why choose quality over quantity when you can have them both!

ID Millennium Silicone Lube 2ml Sachets are small and easily transportable. Perfect for carrying with you at all times in preparation for a last-minute moment of intimacy. 100 individual 2ml sachets will have you fully lubricated with just a few drops, and lasting longer than ever without any sticky residue thanks to ID's special formula. Made in the USA, The quality of the silicone is so high and slippery that it even maintains it's full slip fully submerged in water!

Silicone lubricants are highly effective and can be used with all non-silicone sex products including condoms and sex toys.


Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone and dimethiconol

Additional Information

Colour Clear
Certification CE Mark
Brand ID
Flavour Unflavoured
Base Silicone
Volume (ml) 200

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