KAMYRA S.1 Spermicide Condoms 12 Box (With Nonoxynol-9)

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Product Description

Regular latex condoms with added spermicide Nonoxynol-9. A box of 12 Kamyra spermicide condoms for extra safe results. Most women can use spermicide safely, but it can cause irritation to some people. It's worth checking to see your response to Nonoxynol-9 prior to using these condoms.

Kamyra specialise in condoms that are hard to find. These regular size and fit latex condoms are lined with a spermicidal lubricant, which helps to immobilise sperm, adding an extra layer of defense against unwanted pregnancy. Nonoxynol-9 is a spermicide only and does not protect against sexually transmitted disease or infection on it's own.

Kamyra S.1 Spermicide condoms are highly successful in preventing STD's and pregnancy, CE and ISO marked for your peace of mind. Available to buy here in this black and sky-blue box of 12.

Additional Information

Features Spermicide
Colour Clear
Material Latex
Certification CE Mark, ISO 4074
Pack Size 12
Flavour Unflavoured
Size Regular
Length (mm) 180
Width at Head (mm) 52
Width at Base of Head (mm) 52
Width at Base (mm) 52
Thickness (mm) 0.07
Tip Teat
Wrapper Rectangle

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