Mates Flavoured Condoms 144 Box


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Product Description

Get fruity, get sexual but stay safe with the Mates Flavoured Condoms 144 Box. 144 times more pleasure and sex that tastes and smells great.

Whatever your fave flavour is, Strawberry, Banana, Mint, you can find that flavour in this 144 Box of Mates Flavoured Condoms. And if that was not enough, why not play it vanilla-flavoured, or even mint-flavoured? There is one Mates Flavoured Condom for everyone. The best thing about these condoms is that they are of great quality and won’t let you down, no matter how intense the passion is. The dimensions of each condom in the box are regular, with a length of 185 mm and a width of 54 mm, which will suit most men well. Latex that is 70 microns thick is used to make the Mates Flavoured Condoms so that they are resistant and yet allows all the sensations to be felt during oral, anal or vaginal sex. To add glide to intercourse, the Mates Flavoured Condoms are lubricated with a silicon based lube that is non-spermicidal.

4 Flavours:

36 x Mint

36 x Strawberry

36 x Vanilla

36 x Banana

Additional Information

Brand Mates
Colour Mixed
Material Latex
Certification British Kite Mark, CE Mark, ISO 4074
Pack Size 144
Flavour Mixed
Size Regular
Length (mm) 185
Width at Head (mm) 54
Width at Base of Head (mm) 54
Width at Base (mm) 54
Thickness (mm) 0.07
Tip Teat
Wrapper Square

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