Pasante Blueberry Flavoured Oral Dam

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Product Description

The Pasante Blueberry Flavoured Oral Dam has a delicious blueberry flavour and aroma that is highly rated by customers.

It is made of high quality, natural rubber latex for a soft, natural feel. Each individually wrapped packet comes with clear instructions on how to use it. Pasante continuously promotes protected sex in the UK and around the globe, and wants you to know how to stay safe. Dams are a popular sexual protection product that is enjoyed by men and women alike. Use of a dam can help couples achieve intimacy when barrier protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections is warranted. You can use a gentle, water-based lubricant with this dam for additional and longer-lasting sensation. Pasante makes its dams from rubber that comes from sustainable plantations so it is eco-friendly. They are a family-owned business known for their quality manufacturing. All of their products are rigorously tested for integrity before leaving the factory.

Additional Information

Brand Pasante
Colour Clear
Material Latex
Certification CE Mark
Pack Size 1
Flavour Blueberry

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