Pasante Fizzy Cola Condoms 144 Box


Product Description

If you want a supply of condoms that will never ever get boring and that always ensure you have an unforgettable moment in the bedroom, get the Pasante Fizzy Cola Condoms 144 Box.

Dark in colour, with a bubbly cola taste, these condoms bear regular dimensions. To be precise, their length is 190mm and their nominal width is 52mm. These measurements ensure most men will find it comfortable to wear and use. Men are not the only ones likely to enjoy this condom since women will find it quite appealing for oral sex. The 70 microns thick latex of the condom ensures that it will not split even when things get hot. The Pasante Fizzy Cola Condoms are well lubricated with a silicone based and non-spermicidal lube to make things smooth. The teat shaped end helps with putting on and taking off the condom. The quality of the Pasante Fizzy Cola Condoms is also top-notch as certified by the British Kite mark as well as ISO 4074.

Additional Information

Brand Pasante
Colour Black
Material Latex
Certification British Kite Mark, CE Mark, ISO 4074
Length 190
Pack Size 144
Flavour Cola
Size Regular
Width at Head (mm) 53
Width at Base of Head (mm) 53
Width at Base (mm) 53
Thickness (mm) 0.07
Tip Teat
Wrapper Square

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