Pasante Naturelle Condoms 288 Pack


Product Description

Everyone wants great sex and that is exactly what sexual partners can get when using Pasante Naturelle Condoms.

The Pasante Naturelle Condoms also the best to provide the ultimate natural sensation. Indeed, they have a flared tip measuring at 66 mm that follows faithfully the shape of the penis head for extra sensitivity. The Pasante Naturelle Condoms are lubricated to add some glide that can eliminate those awkward dry moments to keep the momentum going. The width of the condom is 54 mm and its length is 190 mm and this means a comfy fit for most men out there. Because they are of high quality, the Pasante Naturelle Condoms carry the British Kite Mark and the CE Mark. The thickness of the latex used to make the Pasante Naturelle Condoms is 65 microns, which makes sure they are resistant no matter how fiery the passion is. This 288 Pack of Pasante Naturelle Condoms is very economical and will ensure you never run out of your favourite condoms.

Additional Information

Brand Pasante
Colour Clear
Material Latex
Certification British Kite Mark, CE Mark, ISO 4074
Length 190
Pack Size 288
Flavour Unflavoured
Size Regular
Width at Head (mm) 66
Width at Base of Head (mm) 54
Width at Base (mm) 54
Thickness (mm) 0.07
Tip Teat
Wrapper Square

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