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    This condom tastes like standard condom lube (gross). My boyfriend and I were pretty excited for the minty flavour and we were sadly disappointed. I would not recommend this product.
    Skins Minty Mouthful Flavoured Condoms are designed to be comfortable, durable, reliable and safe, whilst also feeling amazing. The light smell of mint applied to each condom helps to prevent the smell of latex, which can often be a distraction to intimate moments. Oral sex will become much more enjoyable with a Skins Minty Mouthful Flavoured Condom than any other, ensuring fun, safe oral sex. These condoms are made using extra-thin latex, which provides a more intimate, realistic sensation during lovemaking. There is no compromise to safety, as each condom is electronically tested to meet stringent EU and UK safety standards. Ultra-clear premium latex means that the condom will even look more realistic when you’re wearing it. Skins Minty Mouthful Condoms also feature more lubricant than most other brands, giving a more realistic feeling, as well as helping to prevent splitting.
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