Skins Black Chocolate Condoms 12 Box

Product Description

Forget condoms that smell strongly of latex and trade them for those deliciously flavoured Skins Black Chocolate Condoms, here in a box of 12.

Apart from being sweetly scented and looking like a tasty treat, the Skins Black Chocolate Condom is of great quality and carries recognised certifications. The condoms bear regular dimensions of 190mm in length, 52mm in width and 65 microns in thickness. The material used to make the Skins Black Chocolate Condoms is natural latex which has been coated in a silicone based, non-spermicidal lube. The condom is coloured and ends in a teat shaped reservoir. The Skins Black Chocolate Condoms come in square foil wrappers. What is great about these condoms is that they are reliable and strong to provide effective protection and they are also affordable. For a natural feeling and comfort fit, the Skins Black Chocolate Condoms really is hard to beat.

Additional Information

Brand Skins
Colour Black
Material Latex
Certification CE Mark, ISO 4074
Pack Size 12
Flavour Chocolate
Size Regular
Length (mm) 190
Width at Head (mm) 52
Width at Base of Head (mm) 52
Width at Base (mm) 52
Thickness (mm) 0.065
Tip Teat
Wrapper Square

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