Skins Ultra Thin Condoms 4 Box

Product Description

For sex that gives you that incomparable skin on skin feeling, there is Skins Ultra Thin Condoms.

These condoms allow lovers to feel as close as can be while keeping on the safe side. Skins Ultra Thin Condoms are reliable and safe and yet they are as pleasurable as ever. This extra sensitivity delivered by Skins Ultra Thin Condoms is due to how thin they are. They are 5 microns thinner than regular condoms at 60 microns thick. Other dimensions have been kept regular though to suit most men comfortably and thus Skins Ultra Thin Condoms have a length of 190mm and a width of 52mm. Despite all these great qualities, the Skins Ultra Thin Condoms are good value for money. The fact that the condom is clear adds to the all natural effects and sensations as visually it is very exciting. These Skins Ultra Thin Condoms 4 Box are lubricated up to 55% which is more than most other condoms. A faint vanilla smell lingers on the Skins condoms and this takes away any uninviting rubbery smell.

Additional Information

Brand Skins
Features Sensation
Colour Clear
Material Latex
Certification CE Mark, ISO 4074
Pack Size 4
Flavour Unflavoured
Size Regular
Length (mm) 190
Width at Head (mm) 52
Width at Base of Head (mm) 52
Width at Base (mm) 52
Thickness (mm) 0.055
Tip Teat
Wrapper Square

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