Tenga Ultra Size Soft Tube Cup


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Product Description

A larger than life male masturbator from Tenga, allowing you to apply just the pressure you want, 20% larger to cater for your larger penis!

Apply just the sensation you desire, controlled by how tightly or lightly you grip the cup. The soft and textured stretchy silicone sleeve allows a unique, yet realistic experience as you apply differing pressures when stroking, gripping, kneading or massaging your penis.

The included lubricant ring at the base holds and applies all the lubrication so you can enjoy the experience of 109 protruding massagers without the hassle and interruption of applying additional lube. The air hole at the top of the cup allows for a smooth motion, significantly more pleasurable than traditional hand masturbation. Everything you need for a great orgasm in one place.

The Tenga Ultra Size Soft Tube Cup is a single use product but its life can be extended with the use of a condom.

Additional Information

Material Silicone
Brand Tenga
Type Masturbator

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